ePIXfab strives hard to provide extensive support to its users to enable them in their steps towards silicon photonics research and prototyping. To meet this goal ePIXfab offers three different modes of training/education:

  • ePIXfab Full Training, bi-annually organized one week contact program organized in class room style at one of ePIXfab's collaborator premises. This training starts with the basics of silicon photonics and MPW process at imec, LETI and IHP. It also introduces users to packaging and integration approaches possible. Most significantly participants are trained on a commercial CAD tool on which they are coached by design experts to create their own silicon photonic mask design. Depending on the site the training also includes visit to the clean rooms and/or measurements facilities and ample opportunity to network.)(A small registration fee is charged which is re-imbursed on participation in any subsequent MPW run)

  • Workshop, organized annually, this is a one day event with various invited speakers from different part of the silicon photonics supply chain. Focus is on recent improvements in field and industrial needs, state-of-the-art in silicon photonics and user cases. It provided ample opprotunity to network with technology providers, users and other stake holders in silicon photonics. When possible, the webinars are also streamed live online and available to view later. (This event is free of charge)

  • Webinars, organized multiple times a year, these are one hour events with the aim to inform the user on a focussed subject. These webinars are recorded and are availabel for download at a later stage as well. Users can also type questions to the panelists. (This event is free of charge)

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