Education Calendar

Training Calendar 2014:

EventTitleDate /DurationLocation
Full Training 1 ePIXfab Full Design Training 31 Mar-4 April/ 1 week VTT, Helsinki, Finland
Workshop Photonics Integration Workshop 12 March/ 1 day OFC Conference, San Francisco, USA




View the webpages of our previous trainings to access training material in A/V and pdf.

Training Calendar 2013:

Event TitleDate /DurationLocation
Full Training 1 ePIXfab Full Design Training 24-28 Mar/ 1 week TNO, Eindhoven, Netherlands
3 day Workshop ePIXfab Workshop, China 21-23 May Beijing, China
Workshop How to Create a Photonics SME? Sunday 23 June/ 1 Day Cartagena, Spain
Webinar 1 imec ISIPP25G Technology 15 July/ 1 hour Online
Webinar 2 Full Platform at CEA-LETI 18 Aug/ 1 hour Online
Webinar 3 VTT Silicon Photonics Technology 10 Oct/ 1 hour Online
Webinar 4 IHP Silicon Photonics Technology 29 Nov/ 1 hour Online
Full Training 2 ePIXfab Full Design Training 18-22nd Nov 1 Week Imec, Belgium


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