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IMEC Standard Passives

Imec passive silicon photonic IC technology (IMEC SiPhotonics) offers:

  • substrate: SOI with 220nm Si, 2000nm BOX
  • WG module: 220nm full Si etch for strip waveguides, photonic crystals, ...
  • FC module: 70nm partial Si etch for fiber couplers, rib waveguides, ...
  • Top cladding: deposited oxide or protective resist
  • Waveguide losses: 2.5-3dB/cm
  • Minimum linewidth: 120nm
  • Minimum pitch: 280nm
  • Statistical process tracking of WG and FC modules


Imec uses its advanced 200mm wafer fab:

  • 200mm pilot line
  • 0.13um mask technology (WG, FC)
  • 193nm Deep UV lithography, process optimized for generic photonics
  • ICP-RIE dry etch, process optimized for generic photonics
  • Oxide deposition and CMP tools
  • Statistical process control of all tools/chambers
  • Advanced Fab Execution System
  • Fabrication done by highly experienced operators and support teams

Access and Schedule

The access the technology obtain the design kit via Europractice-IC.  The MPW run schedule can be viewed here.



Si strip waveguide, 450nm width x 220nm height Strip waveguide, 450nm width x 220nm height, high refractive index contrast.
Spiral waveguide Spiral delay line
Ring resonator channel drop filter Racetrack ring resonator, channel drop filter. A bend radius of 5um is used. Coupling gap between bus and ring waveguides is 180nm.
Waveguide crossing Low-loss, low-crosstalk waveguide crossing. A combination of full (220nm, WG module) and partial (70nm, FC module) etch is used to locally reduce the refractive index contrast.
Arrayed waveguide grating
8-channel arrayed waveguide grating (AWG). Channel spacing 200GHz, size: 250um x 200um
Grating coupler
Focusing grating coupler (FC module), couples light between standard single mode fiber and a strip waveguide (WG module), ~30% coupling efficiency.


The contents of the Design Kit used for IMEC MPW shuttle runs are listed here.

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