The ePIXfab user needs to submit a valid GDSII mask file to ePIXfab. The fabs provide a process design kit (PDK) to the designers.

Design flow schemeDesign flow for ePIXfab is:

  • Step 1: Optical design
    • use your preferred packages for physical and circuit simulation. An overview is here.
    • use or import the simulated device parameters in the layout software. If you use PhoeniX or Ipkiss software this is automated and the tools can be integrated in one coherent design flow!

  • Step 2: Layout
    • Read the design rules in the fab's process design kit!
    • Use one of the CAD tools supported by the fab (see technology pages).
    • Load the technology settings and example library in the design kit into the CAD tool
    • Make your layout with proper use of hierarchy, object-reuse and adhering to the design rules.
    • Use the visualization capabilities of the CAD tool for intermediate visual inspection
    • Export to GDSII
    • Visually inspect your GDSII file with a GDSII viewer/editor.

  • Step 3: Design rule checking
    • Run the DRC deck provided in the design kit to verify if your GDSII file can be accepted by the fab
    • Correct any errors in the layout and iterate the DRC until valid

  • Step 4: Submit GDSII to ePIXfab


Design support

  • ePIXfab gives design support on making a correct layout. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    ePIXfab can help you run a DRC, and support the use of software packages. If necessary, questions will be resolved with the help of the CAD software vendors. ePIXfab does not support you on optical design or advanced silicon photonics libraries.

  • Imec - Ghent University offers design and ASIC services for specific projects and has a library of advanced silicon photonic building blocks. Discuss your project with This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To know more about CAD softwares click here.

Design Houses

  • VLC Photonics is an integrated photonics design house and an ePIXfab partner.
    Visit VLC Photonics' website for more information.
    Download VLC Photonics Brochure.
  • Luceda Photonics offers software and services for integrated optics and is an ePIXfab partner.
    Luceda can support users in submitting their design to ePIXfab/Europractice.
    Visit Luceda Photonics' website for more information.