LETI Standard passive with heaters

This is LETI's key process for standardized passive silicon photonic functions.

Key aspects

  • 200mm silicon-on-insulator wafers, 220nm crystalline Si on 2um BOX
  • 193nm deep UV lithography
  • WG module: 220nm full etch for waveguides, photonic crystals,...
  • FC module: 70nm ¬†partial etch for grating couplers, splitters, ...
  • NEW: Heater module: 600nm of top oxide with Ti/TiN heaters
  • Minimum linewidth: 120nm
  • Minimum pitch: 280nm
  • Choice from fixed design sizes
  • Delivery of at least 50 dies

Design size

There is a choice from 3 design sizes (see technology file below for further information)

  • S1: 7mm x ¬† 3.6mm
  • S2: 7mm x ¬† 7.6mm
  • S3: 7mm x 11.0mm