The Silicon Photonics Platform ePIXfab now brings silicon photonics within reach of European small and medium sized enterprises.

Based on a consortium of major research institutes with silicon photonics expertise,  ESSenTIAL will reach out to European industry and will support them to evaluate silicon photonics in the context of concrete applications and markets. To ensure low-cost early access and scalability to manufacturing, the maturity of silicon photonic IC technology will be enhanced by-

  • setting up a library of generic devices
  • a level of process and device benchmarking and a well maintained design flow
  • offering for the first time, devices in a standard package to allow easy testing
  • training on the photonic-IC and packaging services, including hands-on design training
  • maturity, standardization and sustainability driven by a steadily growing userbase, from 
    Europe and elsewhere.
Public deliverables, brochures, banners, presentations can be downloaded from here.



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The project is co-funded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Program (FP7)